Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Feeling low???? Visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom ASAP

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park is considered as one among the four theme parks in Walt Disney World Resorts .May be in the first site or glance this animal kingdom might appear low, or short when compared to the Walt Disney World Park, but it is fully fascinating and a big adventurous park with much entertainment.

The special feature that lacks in Disney –MGM studio, Walt Park, and present in animal kingdom theme park is that it is left open even in the dark. It has a wide inviting area with much focus on animals which are more than 1,700 in number from 250 different species.

Disney Animal Park is not fully a zoo with animals and it’s not fully a park with entertainment, but it holds charge acting as both park as well as the zoo.


Disney animal kingdom theme park is stated as the largest themed park for animals in the world.


It’s really a great time for the people who are very adventurous, they are allowed to encounter with many exotic animals such as crocodiles, alligators, hippos etc only if they are dare enough…

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